Danish anyone? Exploring Denmark

15 July 2003 Just on 13 hours of flying, three airports, a good many Bloody Mary’s and wall-to-wall chatter from a German exchange student… Add this up and you get no sleep, red eyes and a furry mouth. It doesn’t help that it is around 05h00 in the morning, with another two hours to Copenhagen […]

Icelandic Adventure

17 July 2003 Babelaas. Very big one. Manage to cope with the rigors of heavy backpack, public transport and airport queues, but only just. The Iceland Air flight however is absolutely efficient and quite pleasant, so by the time I meet Jolize at Keflavik, I have recovered enough to at least feel (and hopefully look) […]

Greenland : Arctic Team Challenge 2003

18 July 2003 Three hours sleep. Or maybe four, it doesn’t matter. A quick breakfast at a seaman’s café on the harbour sees me right and I say bye to Jolize and the weirdness of speaking Afrikaans in Iceland. She drops me at the airport where many of the teams have already congregated and from […]