24 HOURS of Oak Valley

24 Hours of solid riding, along a gritty track of around 11kays, and with 250m or so ascent along the route. Stifling heat on Day #1, with a crap-load of dust due to very dry course conditions, and a never-say-die bunch of hard core muckers on your ass … can we just say the annual #24HrEnduro at Oak Valley is not for Sissies?

Let’s get this straight though … for me it was only around 15hrs and half a dozen laps at most, so a pretty soft-cock effort all in all. But then my job was to shoot the guys from#TeamMiWayInsurance, so for the majority of the time I was either stalking the route with a long lens, or tail-gating the guys with the #TomTom to get some video footage.

To put it in perspective: the winning Solo Riders managed more than 30x Laps at breakneck speeds, and with only the odd snatch of sleep here and there (if any). This is not a Race Report though (you will find that at www.dirtopia.co.za) or the official photos (go check out www.photosport.co.za), but rather a few random snaps in between grabbing pix of the#MiWay squad.

Fun? Hell yeah! Would I race it? Yup, but at half the lap-count, and with a few hours sleep from midnight to dawn. Kudos to the #Dirtopia okes and girls – great flippen job as always.

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