Of Mountains and Stars

In our backyard, we have one of the truly mythical mountains of our tiny Blue Planet. It rears it’s rugged bulk a mere 1086m above the tempestuous chop of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is so much more than a gargantuan hulk of antediluvian granite and sandstone.

Ancient time-lines crisscrosses its soaring buttresses, and it has stood as a sentinel to the human race since time immemorial. San Bushmen trance dancers, early seafarers, clairvoyants, world leaders, even John Lennon … they have all came to worship upon this vast and timeless living monument.

So how fortunate shoud we feel that we can hike up Table Mountain an hour before dawn, and wait for the sun to greet us somewhere within the craggy ridge-lines running down from Devil’s Peak? It gets even better when you can share this morning with some of South Africa’s legendary trail running stars.

The claim to fame of the four runners in these photos are that they are the individual category winners in last year’s Ultra-Trail Cape Town. These are just a handful of out-takes from the shoot, as we’re keeping the cracker shots in hand for a few print articles to come … keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you, Roelande GreylingAJ CalitzChristiaan Greyling, Kerry-Ann Marshall, Kim Stephens and Nic Bornman – as always, it was a privilege sharing time with you in the great outdoors. And good luck for #UTCT2016!

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