46 days since the Groot Winterhoek fall …

Difficult to believe it’s been 46x days since my Groot Winterhoek fall. In these seven weeks, I had to make do without some of the most essential components to a balanced life, including those mountains and the ocean where I go in search of #mindspace. The good news is that this past weekend, I managed to bank my first peak view in 45x days. I needed a walking stick and lots of breathing stops, but I celebrated the view with a Bean There Coffee Company brew and just soaking up nature. An extra weekend day meant we could follow this session up with a superb ocean hike to Venus Pools, as well as a #swimwalk session at Glencairn.

Still way off complete recovery, so the rehab (with huge amounts of help from Karyn Marais) will continue until I’m 99% back up to speed in a couple more months. No doubt this is by far the most ‘normal’ I’ve felt in a while … Those nights, though 😬😬 the pain is real, but even that is improving every day. Thank you, Universe 🙏🙏