Alignment In Nature

So great to be able to give back to Karyn Marais during my first photo shoot after my accident, especially after everything she did during the past 8x weeks to accelerate my recovery since Groot Winterhoek. It is mainly through her knowledge of anatomy, yoga, muscle-testing, kinesiology, massage, alignment and diet that I’ve been able to fast-forward back into the mountains and ocean. (It may wel be at a nonagenarian pace, but I am loving every second back in my #ChurchOfTheGreatOutdoors)! 🙂

Even better, I got to be part of the first of her ‘ALIGNMENT IN NATURE’ Short Courses, and got to tap into the benefits of #MindfulWalking, #Earthing, #Breathwork and #NatureTherapy, all while learning how to unwind those conditioned patterns we sink into when we forget to move with ease. There will be two more Outdoor Sessions in October and November if you are keen to join on one of these 3-hr long #dawn sessions. I promise you will go to work a different person 🙏🍃☀