48 hours on Ile Rodrigues

Snatched moments from the past 48hrs on Ile Rodrigues Tourisme #RodriguesIsland, a place so off the grid there were rumours of England leading by 12 points while I was trying to find a way of following the #RWCfinal ????????

Other than the lack of a #rugby culture, there’s not much I can fault Discovery Rodrigues Island on. I followed up some great runs, hikes and long open-water swims with a superb #SUP out to #AnseBouteille this morning, spotting a banded sea-snake, an octopus, and a school (flock?) of flying fish off the board. On the way back, I passed a Rodriguan shepherd with his herd of cows, and it reminded me so much of the Wild Coast. Further into the jade and aquamarine world extending to the outer reef, tiny dots turned out to be octopus hunters in search of their prey ???? ???? ????

The people here are more connected to the outdoor world than many of the other Indian Ocean nations. Yesterday, I watched as kids plummeted into the ocean off precipitous volcanic cliffs, and we encountered loads of folk along the St. Francoise trail. Tomorrow it gets real though as we head out to the start of the Trail de Rodrigues 50km around 3-30am. It’s going to be a huge day for the runners: good luck Landie GreylingChristiaan GreylingClaudia Fong KyeYan de MaroussemLaurent Valette and everyone else. This is truly #RunningInParadise ????????????

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