A thank you to Print Media

The #PrintMedia took one moer of a battering during #2020. Dozens of magazines and newspapers – some of them longstanding and widely respected titles – bit the dust, leaving hundreds of freelancers, writers and photographers without regular income. It was tough, and still is, for many media professionals.

Some brave editors and publishers soldiered on, despite the challenges. This post is to say #thankyou to those that rode out the storm, or rose from the ashes of the pandemic to continue spreading the news and telling stories. I appreciate being a part of your creative crew,

Paul Ingpen, Lisa Carol Abdellah, at #ElectricInk, Peter Frost,  Anton Crone (Getaway Magazine), Deon Braun (TRAIL magazine), @Chris Gibbons (Acumen magazine) GIBS Business School, VISIO Magazine, VISI magazine, Beeld, Toyota Connect Magazine, Daily Maverick, Vrye Weekblad, Full Sus #MTB et al.

You have no idea how important everyone of these articles, stories and photographs were to me. May you all prosper in #2021 En  Malani Venter , jy kan nie glo hoeveel ek jou en #BuiteBurger mis nie

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