Addo Tourism Region

A slo-mo whip with a float in over grass seeds popping tungsten flares in the last rays of the setting sun

The Hayterdale trails near Zuurberg in the Addo Tourism Region never disappoint and what a kickass way it was to end off the working year, capturing content for Core Merino and Merrell around the #2021 #GZTrun and #GZTe Events.

One final trip remains to end off this bliksem of a year, and it promises to be a kickass #adventure (but with no work pressure this time). There will be #surf. There will be #singletrack. There will be wide open spaces. And there will be loads of fresh air. What there won’t be are politicians, poepols and bureaucrats. They can bugger right off.

Thank you to the believers, the huggers, the smilers, the never-say-die-ers, the quirky introverts, the eyebrow-lifters, the deliverers of ironic one-liners, and all the cool fools who refuse to fit into society’s rigid little boxes. You guys all rock. And your dry, wry quiet revolution sparked like fireflies despite dark times. All in all, the year was not too kak and – whatever #2021 brings – we’re amped and ready to roll