Baleia Wines & Olives – and False Bay

#TGIF, that’s all I can say – it’s been one of those nonstop weeks/months/years, and right now, all I want is to dip into the ocean and bank a few languid #FalseBay waves.

This connection to the ocean – and the stillness and balance that comes from immersing yourself within the Zen-like embrace of the #BigBlue – is one of the touchstones that brings equilibrium to my life. We all say we’re going to slow things down, but hell man, it doesn’t always work out that way. And so, that crossing over to the back-line brings with it an inherent understanding that life is never about force, but rather all about #flow …

It is also such an amazing feeling when this flow of life creates synergy with a brand and team with their own connectedness, not only to the ocean, but also to the terroir bristling upon the edge of the tempestuous southern Cape shores. This brand is Baleia Wines & Olive Oil, and the name #Baleia is Portuguese for ‘whale’. The people who guide the process are true sons and daughters of the soil (and the winemaker is a surfer, no less) 

I feel utterly privileged to have been chosen to work with them. And the fact that I’ll get to savour some of the Cape’s most delectable #wine#oliveoil and #coffee as part of this deal? Let’s just say I’m about three hours away from opening one of their astounding #syrah varietals, but first, it’s time to find my Friday flow in False Bay 

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