Cranking Wild upon the Lake of Stars

Our world is out of kilter. A top of the range Pinarello bicycle will set you back well over R100k. This is the bike most of the top executives rode during the COMPUTERSHARE ‘Change A Life’ Cycle Tour in Malawi. In Malawi, the average monthly income is R270, which means a breadwinner would need to slave away for around 37 years in order to earn the value of this leisure toy.

But this was exactly what the tour was about: Changing Lives. 64 captains of industry took part in this ride through a country know as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’, and their financial contributions and on-going support will hopefully help to bridge the gap between those who have everything, and those who have no choice.

In my images, I have tried to capture that indelible lightness of balance between two very differing clans of the Two Wheel Tribe. And in the end, they are united by two things – the bicycle, and an underlying love for Africa. May these two worlds, in time, become one.

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