Freedom Day under lockdown

“Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can” …

This morning, I will pass on the irony of celebrating #FreedomDay under lockdown and isolation, and instead move on to what I am missing with my heart and spirit and soul today, and that is the all-encompassing embrace of Mother Nature.

These images take me back to a misty morning in 2019 during the Baleia Wines & Olive Oil MTB Challenge. Dew glistened like a million glittering zirconia gems on the grassland ridges of the Hessequa – The Explorer’s Garden Route region, and the air hung heavy with the scent of fynbos and fragrant stone pines. I breathed in the peace while I waited on the field of riders cranking into the weft and weave of rolling hills undulating to the north of #riversdale.

Blue cranes trumpeted as they stalked the patchwork wheat fields, and sacred ibis soared in V-shape formation high against the gray clouds scudding above. And on this long-ago day, my spirit soared heaven-wards with those stately birds. And I felt free. My wish today is for everyone out there missing this ‘Church of the Great Outdoors’ to make time for 60 seconds of tranquility outside. Feel the breeze, gaze up at the clouds, listen for the hum of honey bees, feel the sun caressing your skin … And Breathe.

And once you eventually escape this #selfisolation prison, make sure you visit places like the #ExplorersGardenRoute#BaleiaWines and other breathtaking #localtourism regions which make our Rainbow Nation such a unique and special destination. These people and places are all waiting to welcome you with open arms 

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