George Ultra Mountail Trail 2021 – Part 2

More memorable #MUT Moments from the George Mountain Ultra Trail. All still phone edits, but we will upload a full selection to Google Drive for free download from the official #GeorgeMUT site 🙌
Stunning dawn with a fresh-air #violin concerto greeting the 60km and 42km #trailrunners on a peaky blinder of a route at the George Mountain Ultra Trail #GeorgeMUT. Just another unique moment at what is unarguably becoming one of SA’s premier #trailrun events, and what better place to present it than in the breathtaking George Tourism #outeniqua mountains.

A stellar field of runners set of from 5am this morning into a world of unequalled #fynbos headspace, and today was all be about the love of ranging free and reconnecting with #nature in the city of #George, SA’s #trailtown. There was a fair bit of pain and suffering, too, and with the last runners only expected around 8pm, the purgatory is not quite done yet 😬

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