Isuzu Wild Coast Adventure #5

People. This is what makes the #WildCoast such an authentic space … There’s the deep-rooted culture of the amaXhosa locals, with their myths and traditions time-lining back countless generations. Add to this the frontier spirit of the early Settlers, who arrived in the 1820s, and have since become an integral part of this breathtaking #easterncape landscape.

Add to this the natural splendour of an untamed ocean shoreline, with craggy sea cliffs, verdant rolling hills, tranquil estuaries, dense riverine forests and truly celestial sunsets. In essence, what you have here is an unforgettable heartland, brimming with adventure activities, cultural experiences and the endless potential for significant human connection.

Be warned, though: it remains a wild and unpredictable region, where you need to keep your wits about you. Giant bull-sharks cruise deep-water drop-offs; tempestuous summer thunderstorms strafe the countryside; the roads are akin to a real-world Mad Max film set; and life can at times be both visceral and in your face. But that is the exception rather than the rule, and you should never let this interfere with the opportunity to immerse yourself in one of SA’s most amazing natural spaces. And when you do, there’s no better place to stay than Mazeppa Bay Hotel. Thanks for another amazing adventure, Isuzu South Africa 🌊🍃☀️💚