Karkloof Trails Shoot 2016

I’ve been raving about the #Karkloof MTB Trails – mostly within the extensive #SAPPI Plantations surrounding #Howick – ever since I first rode there 3 years ago.

My most recent visit to this #singletrack paradise has re-affirmed my love affair with these gorgeous trails, and the good news is that there is a whole bunch of brand new routes to go and play on … Too little time and too many deadlines meant I only had a couple of quick rides on the Giant Bicycles South Africa #XTCAdvanced, but hell, it was fun!

Here are a few images of Hylton Bonazan TurveyMatthew Drew, Keira Duncan and young Jay pinning some loamy channels. All I can say: ‘The Batchelor’ will become an icon, with lots of legendary tales to tell. Go check out www.karkloofmtbtrails.co.za for more info. #SappiTrails#InspiredByLife

Click here to view the pics