Kimberley Diamond Cup Skateboarding World Champs 2015 – Day 2

I’m no skater punk. Never has been, and never wilI had my fair share of rebeeling in my youthl. Give me a mountain bike or a pair of trail running shoes, maybe a 9′ 2″ longboard in a wedgy swell, and you’ll see me grinning from ear to ear. Sk8er Boy? Not so much.

But even I – a rank Nowhere Man when it comes to all things street-style, and on the comfortably numb side of fifty – had to sit up and take notice last night. Something special – no, let me re-phrase that, something fucking huge – happened at the Kumba Skate Plaza last night.

The guys who ripped up the park were top of their global classes, with names like Luan Oliveira, Nyja Huston, Joshi Tannenbaum, Chase La-Pierre and the likes. These guys are the current top dogs out there in the world of skate, and it showed big time.

Huston walked away with the honours, but out of the final twelve, there were at least half a dozen who could have bagged the US$100,000-00. So, although I cannot pretend to know any of the tricks or finer nuances of this incredible sport, I stand in awe … I can see class, and you guys shone liike diamonds.

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