La Vida Loxton

Part II of our recent #OpenAfrica Road Trip through the heart and soul of the #BoKaroo …

Once you extricate yourself from the wonderfullness that is #williston, meander in a generally eastern direction along the countless #moerandgone gravel roads while the wide-sky plains slip-slide past your windows.

Chances are you’ll eventually rock up in laid back #loxton, a dorp that has muscled it’s way into our cosmic unconsciousness via the gripping novels of crime writer extraordinaire, Deon Meyer. The renowned author is a recent transplant, along with an influx of ex-city slickers, most of whom decamped to #loxton in search of space and tranquility.

It’s been raining, so the landscape has gone all lush-like, but take note that it can get donners warm hier. Summer highs easily hoick into the mid-40s, which is why the rural intelligentsia subscribe to the siesta principle, preferably in a porta-pool and aided by an afternoon gin and tonic.

Anyways, pull up a chair and listen good, boys and girls, because this is a #dorp you definitely do not want to miss. Delectable food and seductive surprises are sure to lure you down any number of somnambulent little back roads here in the middel-van-nerens of the #KarooHighlands, even more so because Loxton lies at the heart of the Riverine Rabbit Conservation Area.

The tourism focus is far wider than konyne, though, and if you want to get in on the skinner, just plonk yourself down on the stoep at the #RooiGranaat. Pretty soon you’ll have a local chatting up a storm while you tuck into a delicious #loxtonlady (of the breakfast variety, of course).

In town, the Karoo Indigenous Nursery, Koppie Trail, a leivore walk and Geoglyph of a riverine rabbit need to be ticked off. Plus there is ‘The Old Truck Museum’ as well as the sublme #Jakhalsdans Guest Farm, just outside town.

Once you’ve lurked surreptitiously for a while outside Deon Meyer’s house, you can shadow-shift onwards across the never-ending plains towards #meltonwold, a real olde-worlde family guest farm set amidst copses of ancient trees.

Trail-run under a cumulonimbus sky to the #diioctodon fossil skeleton, prowl around an abandoned diamond mine, crank your MTB amidst sable antelope and perky steenbuck, or sommer just sit op die stoep. And listen to the rusty gate call of the mating #korhaan as you soak up #lavidaloxton

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