Namaqua West Coast X – Tri-Challenge

There was pain. There was suffering. There was elation (especially at the finish line at Namaqua Wines, and the Maskam Brewing Company pit stop). And there was loads of tequila. Not to mention the #skilpadjies, great wine, good people, and of course, #kakpraat. Apparently there was #karaoke with the #kanaalape as well, and I’m sure the stories will get more preposterous in the telling.

Bottom line, the inaugural Namaqua West Coast X – Tri Challenge was a huge success, in every sense of the word, with Ugene Nel delivering equal parts agony and ecstasy. As always, the Namaqua West Coast and the beautiful people of this region was integral to the utter enjoyment of their amazingly diverse #adventure destination. Huge thanks to Kallie LouwMonika De Jager and their unequalled tourism team .

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