Recovery and Remembering – #Week 5

More than a month after my fall, and had a good follow-up consultation with the surgeon. Progressing way ahead of expectation, and only really the broken scapula still causing major pain (#sleepmonsters are proper at night). The 8cm internal metal splint (Xray #1) was removed from my thumb and Xray #2 shows the severed spine of the scapula, which is starting to fuse well with the main bone section.

All the stitches have been removed from the 10cm laceration down to the bones in my forearm and the 4x ankle ligaments have reattached well, too. The shattered pisiform – and scaphoid and capitate bone fractures – in the wrist mean it will be a while before I can run freely with a camera again 😬

Bottom line, staying fit and supple – together with falling correctly and a generous helping of good fortune – contributed hugely to saving my life 🙏🙏
“A multitude of Injuries was sustained, which I believe was to his benefit, as impact was absorbed over a large area of his body rather than causing a possibly fatal injury by damaging a crucial organ or tearing a major artery”.

“He is extremely lucky not to have injured his head, neck, or spine. He could also have burst his liver or right kidney, or torn a major vessel with the fall. Surgery was performed on 11-08-2021 and I expect him to make a full recovery”.


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