RETTO 2012 CHALLENGE … Or Should that be WETTO?

Wet, rainy, blustery … and as gooey as bushpig shite. In other words, an abso-bloody-lutely perfect day for trail running. But to enjoy a run like The OTTER African Trail Run, presented by HI-TEC and GU, you have to buy into it full measure. Don’t come here and expect an NG Kerk Fun Run, because it is going to be damn hard. There will be blood, and snot, and trane. And buckets of sweat. But if you finish this 42km beast of an ultra, you will walk away a changed man or woman. I only got to do around 25-30km of the Otter Trail today, but one day, the camera and back-pack will stay behind, and I’ll run this trail – the whole 42km of it – free and unencumbered. A pleasure and a privilege to work with Magnetic South once again, and Respect! to every runner who finished the run. Whether you did it in 6hrs or 11hrs, is totally irrelevant. What counts is whether you loved every step of the way. I did.

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