Swartberg Pass

Kickass #storytelling happens on #contentcreation projects when the elements decide to give you the middle finger. Suddenly, you’re not the guy in charge anymore, and it is #mothernature bellowing out all the shots. This is when most production teams will wrap for the day and find the nearest pub …

On an @ozone.africa shoot, not so much. It is right here and now, with the #outdoorzone blowing off the scale, that we go into full-on creative mode. Authentic visual collateral needs to have an edge to it, and we strive for gritty reality rather than suave models and studio-style lighting. And it also means you get to test your @firstascentsa apparel and @outdoorwarehouseza equipment to their absolute limits.

Not to mention your @sonyalphasa cameras from @ormsdirect, or the @isuzusa #dmax that got you into the eye of the storm in the first place. Thanks for an epic day (and night) in the mountains, @zaneschmahl 🙌🏞️


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