Demsen Magaisa – young shooter

Densen Magaisa is an awesome young shooter whom I mentor, hang out with and employ whenever I can. And he grabs these opportunities with absolute enthusiasm, working his ass off to make the most of what is not always the easiest of lives. This morning during a dawn shoot, he slipped and fell on a tidal rock, and dropped his pride and joy – a PENTAX SOUTH AFRICA #K70 with a zoom lens I recently got him – into the sea water.

Densen is physically okay, but absolutely gutted about the loss of his camera (and his one source of potential income). I’ve rushed the equipment off to Christopher Hart, and if there is anyone who can fix it, this is the man. But it is doubtful … So, if there is someone out there with a 2nd-hand #Pentax camera or lens that they’re not using (even a film camera), please consider donating it. I’ll arrange the necessary courier and cover the costs, and if ever you need an assistant, I know Densen will step up to the plate. Feel free to go and check out his amazing photos …

Huge thank you to Oom Dudley who is already couriering a lens. And to everyone else taking the time to read this; stay safe out there in these crazy times PENTAX PHOTOGRAPHERS SOUTH AFRICA

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