Elands River Ecstasy

Some experiences in life cannot be bought, no matter what the credit limit on your Master Card. Last week, Karyn Marais and I were fortunate enough to make one of these memories of a lifetime up in gorgeous Emgwenya (formerly #WatervalBoven).Said adventure came courtesy of my long-time mate, Gustav Janse van Rensburg, the original #RocnRope Gecko here at the ‘Restaurant at the End of the Universe’ Crags. This guy has single-handedly executed thousands of abseils along the gushing Elands River Falls, and there are few other people I would entrust with the safety of my 4-yr old Grace.

She barely batted an eyelid during the quick abseil training session and harnessing up, and I think Mum and I showed way more nerves as we negotiated the crevasse down onto the narrow ledge overlooking the roiling waterfall rush.

Harnessed onto mum, she stepped off the edge with a smile, and waved for the camera as we made our way down the dliff. As I’ve said before, this was an absolute standout moment in my life, and I say thank you for that, my friend. (And also for the Reunion Rhum, the weak jokes around the fire, and the many beers).

Kathryn Fourie clocked a Grade 23 waterfall route, and Thea Romandy Quin, Thorsten Gopp and Sarah Colvin Drew rocked the huge abseil, too. All in all, just another cracker day on the #SappiTrails #InspiredByLife road trip with Matthew Drew and the crew.

And shot for the family pix, Gus – as usual, the #Sony#XperiaZA delivered.

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