Tranquilitas Trails 2016

There’s way more to #Boven than just exhilarating rock #climbing along the crags at ‘The Restaurant (at the End of the Universe)’. Think trout fishing, trail running, hiking, birding, and of course, mountain biking.

In fact, these days MTBrs may outnumber rock climbers on any given weekend, and this is in a large part thanks to local trail maestro, Glenn Harrison. He’s the man who instigated the #mtb revolution here in the #Mpumalanga Highlands more than a decade back, and since then, the sport has boomed.

He’s far from done, though, and his on-going partnership with #Sappi has seen a proliferation of new #trails. Top of the list for visiting riders will be his brand new outback routes, where you can now ride for days on end here at #Tranquilitas Adventure Farm …

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