Into the Valley – Change a Life

Change. Life. Two words. The change can be big or small. Life has to be lived, in the best way possible. In the Valley of A Thousand Hills, a vast and undulating rural patchwork encompassing much of KwaZulu-Natal stretching inland from Durban, a beautiful story of grit and determination is unfolding. Here, within the meandering roil of the Umzindusi Valley, Martin Dreyer has done the impossible. Over a period of three years, the Dusi King has dug deep to mould a dream; not only for himself, but more importantly for two dozen young paddlers and their families. Through hard graft, unblinking commitment (and with the support of forward-thinking sponsors such as USN, HI-TEC and of course COMPUTERSHARE), ‘The Duke’ has immersed himself in a process which saw a handful of young herd boys put up their hands to become true sporting heroes. The pictures below tell the the story of just one day in their story, the saga of CHANGE A LIFE. It is inspirational to be, in a very small way, part of the process, and I wish there was a way I could tell it to 10 million people.

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