Kagga Kamma

There are untold facets to a winter escape into that heavenly sandstone playground shaping the great outdoors at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. We went in search of snow, first and foremost, but I kept being drawn into the visual journey of the liquid form before it turns to ice.

There is a different beauty here – more fluid and ephemeral even – than the geometric perfection of snowflakes. So, in the midst of this past weekend’s galeforce storm, I scuttled about amidst the rugged turrets, amber outcrops and karroid scrub of #KaggaKamma, hunting for those perfect droplets shaping on succulents and in seeps and crags.

The snow came on Saturday – and with a billion-star display that evening to boot – but for now I will suffice with these little aqua gems frozen in time. A huge Thank You to Tania and all the staff at this superb nature reserve; these are incredibly tough times for the hospitality industry, but the humble and dedicated crew never put a foot wrong in keeping their guests both safe and entertained … loads more images to follow 💙🌟

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