Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, Overstrand

Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve is the Number 1 #botanical hot-spot in all of the Cape Floristic Region, and rates as one of the Planet’s Top 10 #biodiversity destinations. Just imagine: 1880 plant species, 77 of them endemic and found nowhere else on earth, 3500 marine species, and a breathtaking range of birds, mammals, reptiles, frogs and fungi.

Yet, there we were on a Saturday morning, with 10km of #Oudebosch Trail all to ourselves. We enjoyed a session of #forestbathing amidst a copse of gnarled yellowwood and wild almond trees, picnicked above the waterfall, braved a wintry rain shower, and I lost myself within the intricate beauty of this fabulous floral kingdom when you study it through a macro lens 🍃💚💮

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