Silver Mountain Music Festival

Night frogging, dairy tours, classical music, photography walks, wine tasting, beer stories, birding outings, and red-fin wrangling … these are just a few of the activities that kept us busy at this weekend’s Silver Mountain Music Festival. I don’t think there’s anything else quite like this quirky gathering of artists, composers, agriculturalists, musicians, conservationists, brewers, vintners and off-the-wall characters, anywhere in South Africa.

Kudos to Aileen Anderson and her Grootvadersbosch Conservancy team for putting together this fun, funky and non-capitalist celebration of this utterly delightful hideaway corner of the Cape. It will always be one of my favourite #outdoor spaces in South Africa, and so chuffed we got to ride and run a few of those excellent #gvbconservancy trails 🌲💚🍃

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