The #SONY A7rII … Cue Amazeballs

Magic. Dark Arts. Pixel Trickery. Slight of Eye … Whatever you’d like to call this brand new #mirrorless beauty from #Sony is fine by me, as long as you accept that it has broken (or re-written) most of the rules on the current Digital Imaging Playing Field.

The attached set of images were shot on a rather dreary day on the Cape Peninsula, which suited me fine as I wanted to see what the new 42MP Sensor was capable of in crappy light. Then I took the camera indoors later that same afternoon, and cranked up the ISO, eventually topping it out at 102400.

The lens used was the 50mm f2 #Loxia, a litlle manual focus stunner by Carl Zeiss, and the majority of captures were done full open. In some cases, I’ve taken specific images, and cropped them by around 500% to show grain (or the lack of it), in the case of this undoubtedly ground-breaking camera.

IBIS (in-body image stabilisation), lightning fast focussing speed, a game-changing sensor (no wonder 80% of other #DI Brands out there are all using #SONY Sensors), great tonality and real-world colours … for me there is truly no longer any reason to hang on to my bulky DSLR equipment. The frame rate of 5fps may be a tad slow for skateboarding and a few other situations, but frankly my dear, I do not give a damn.

Right now, this is as close to perfection as any digital imaging device can get, and it is what you will see me shooting with around the world for the next few years to come. Now, if only #SONY would get its act together as far as distribution, supply and service go here in South Africa … now that would make for a pretty Perfect World.

Click here to see the images