TransCape MTB Stage Race 2015 – Day 3

No Country for Old Men … this is the movie I thought about most today on my bike and in the car as we documented yet another day of the inaugural TransCape MTB event. Sweeping minimalist panoramas, badland views, tension in the air … that kind of thing

The faces this morning told a story of an evil stage yesterday, with a lot more of the hard stuff waiting on Day 3. Rooiberg Pass unapologetically served up a downright rude wake-up call to any tired legs out there, but this was by no means the only test of the day.

Meandering landscape means up-and-down, and not in a good way, as you battle to find rhythm while waging a tenuous war against the elements. The bad, however, always goes hand in hand with some ugly (the heamatoma on one rider’s leg should suffice) and a whole lotta good.

Hidden valleys, friendly locals sprouted right from the heart of Mother Earth, black eagles prowling the blue skyway above, and a planet full of space within which to lose yourself.

Team Versluys from Belgium continued their dominance, but there was also some damn fine riding by the Saffa crews today. For full results, check out

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